COVID-19 Pandemic: Share Your Experience

Tell me your experience during this public health crisis for an upcoming episode of the show.

I am gathering stories from listeners to share on the podcast with the hopes that hearing others’ experiences might help us feel more connected and less alone – and give us some ideas of how to adapt and manage in this time.

To submit your own story, there are three options:

  • Leave me a voicemail on my Google Voice number: +1 (510) 545-3173. I will be able to download your message and include it in the episode.
  • Send me a message via our Facebook page. I will read your message on the show.
  • Submit your story using the form below. I will read your submission on the show.

Whether you leave a voicemail or submit a written message, please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • What your situation is (shelter-in-place, for how long, etc.)
  • How you are feeling
  • How you are managing your relationship with dance during this period

Thank you for sharing your experience and helping others feel more connected to our community! Stay safe, healthy, and well!