Brandi Guild

Grab yourself a beautiful glass of wine and find a cozy spot to sit for this special interview with one of the classiest people we know, the lovely Ms. Brandi Guild. We sat down with her to talk about how she got started in West Coast Swing, who has influenced her most, and her thoughts on women professionals in our dance world. She shared her worries about the current state of our dance, her opinions about judging, and her reflections on teaching. Listen to how she faces the challenges of balancing her career and her family, and learn why peach pie shouldn’t deter us from loving apple pie. This episode is rich, full-bodied, and refreshing, with lots of wisdom and notes of humor that will both engage and delight the senses. Enjoy!

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Sean McKeever & Torri Zzaoui – Boogie by the Bay 2018
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  1. Thank you so much for this episode. I am very grateful for all you said. I have been struggling with the hype of competing in J&J for quite some time and just love the way you look at it. I feel very much included in the WCS community through your words.

  2. As a highly trained K-12 educator, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate discussions in our dance community about what is required to be a good teacher, aka that good teachers must know content (their subject or area of expertise both historically and as it is practiced in the present moment) AND pedagogy and classroom management that is centered on student experience and quality student outcomes (how to effectively convey that knowledge and experience). I respect the talent of so many dancers in our community, I can’t get enough of watching them dance, and I hope to experience a dance with them at some point. However, how well a teacher teaches is MY wheelhouse. I am very picky about who I respect as a teacher or coach. I wish more dance professionals apprenticed with the great dance teachers of our community, I wish they studied classroom management, how to read and respond to someone reaching peak level of frustration and the affective filter. I wish they knew about the zone of proximal development. There was so much meat in your discussion about teaching, I didn’t want it to end. I would love to hear more from dance teachers about how they learned to be good teachers, how they get better, etc.

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