Safety and consent

Many of us dance West Coast Swing for the joy of sharing in musical expression with someone else. Unfortunately, there are times when people cross personal boundaries, and times when people are harassed, abused, and even sexually assaulted. In this (extra long) episode, we first interview Lizzi Kampff-Jansen, a licensed independent clinical social worker, to discuss the nature of this problem in our society today. Then we’re joined by Shantala Davis to chat about this problem in our dance community, as well as some of the ways we can move towards a culture where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Settle in for a serious discussion about a sensitive but critically important topic affecting our community.

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Agreeing with The Four Agreements (Psychology Today)
Edgar Schein’s Model of Organizational Culture
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Should We Tolerate the Intolerant? – Big Think
Mission City Swing Code of Conduct
Consent Collaboration Council


  1. I really hope every community leader listens to this pod cast. I feel like this was a very fair exploration of both sides of the argument, with some great suggestions about how to handle these situations.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! We hope it’s helpful for community leaders and anyone who wants to make our dance world safer and more comfortable for everyone.

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