Live from SwingCouver 2019

We recorded this episode live at SwingCouver! Listen to our interview with Victor Loveira, in which we discussed his West Coast Swing origin story, his experience DJing, and how he made the move into MCing. We chatted about music, our pet peeves about MCs, and the fervent interest in spreading West Coast Swing more widely. Then we took questions from the audience about such things as the influence of zouk on our dance and running events. Plus, Robert Royston joined us to share his views on the new Opus division at The Open – and to educate us on what is and isn’t swing music.

Announcement about the new Opus Division at The Open
Trilogy Swing 2018 Legends Invitational Jack & Jill
Maxime & Torri Zzaoui – Pro Show – Budafest 2019
“Schweddy Balls” – SNL skit

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