Courtney Adair & Sean McKeever

In this episode, we sit down with not one but two champion dancers and all-around awesome people, Courtney Adair and Sean McKeever! We talked with them about their start in West Coast Swing, how they met and formed their partnership, and how they became dance professionals. We chatted about how they built their careers, how they continually develop themselves, and what they think of dancers making a name for themselves in a social media world. They also shared with us the challenges they’ve had to face as dance professionals, and the different seeds they’re sowing to see what’s next for them. Listen and learn from these two kind, thoughtful, passionate, and down-to-earth dancers.

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake – 9 to 5
Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman – Pump It
Michael Kielbasa & Jen Deluca – Music
Arjay Centeno & Melissa Rutz – Sixty Minute Man/Lucille
Courtney Adair & Felix Berghäll – CSC 2017

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