Live from Rose City Swing 2019

In our second live show, we sit down with a few guests to share stories, insights, and laughs. We first invited the Event Co-Directors of Rose City Swing, Babak Shakeri and Trudy Thatcher, to tell us about their experience creating, running, and developing the event. Then we were joined by the inimitable Ben Morris to discuss his start in dance, how his background in lindy hop influenced his dancing, and how he thinks about creating a dance. Afterwards, audience members asked questions about leading and following, how to approach a private lesson, and the story of The Super Jews of Swing. As with any late night conversation, things got a little silly, a little off-topic, and a little raucous, but good times were had by all.

Minnie’s Moochers РLove Me or Leave Me
Ben Morris and Carla Heiney – US Open 2006
Parker Dearborn and Tatiana Mollman – US Open 1996
George Carlin – Stuff
George Carlin – Ten Commandments
Red vs Blue
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2005
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2006
The Super Jews of Swing – Lindy and Party 2009
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2010

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