Community organizing (Part 2)

In the second part of our conversation with Hieu Le, Jesse Lopez, and Kyle LaPatin, we discuss the challenges in our communities around getting people to dance with each other – and some of the different ways we have tried to tackle them. We talk about our experiences with the physical space and how that can encourage people to mix and mingle – or divide them. Hieu shared his (now not-so-covert) operation in his community to help create an inclusive environment. Jesse and Kyle talked about how they teach people to make the most of dancing with a variety of skill levels. And we brainstormed ways to reach the people in our communities who choose not to dance with people outside their circle of friends. It’s a rich discussion full of great ideas for any community member!

Swingesota – Twin Cities, Minnesota
Evolve Your Dance – Kansas City, Kansas
Dancing Feats – Boston, Massachusetts

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