Sarah Vann Drake & Kyle Redd (Part 1)

What can we say about two of the most successful and influential dancers in West Coast Swing that would do them justice? In the first part of this two-part conversation, we sit down with two of the greatest dancers, teachers, and performers in our dance, Sarah Vann Drake and Kyle Redd. We asked them about how they got started in the dance, how they met and formed their partnership, and who influenced them most. They shared some of their personal experiences and how those shaped their careers and who they are today. Plus, we got to hear how they developed their brand, why they teach the sugar push the way they do, and what they think of where the dance is heading today. Listen and enjoy this open and honest conversation with two of the best.

Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake
Jason Colacino & Sarah Vann – Young America 1994
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake – Groove is in the Heart

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