Tatiana Mollmann & Jordan Frisbee (Part 1)

There is no one in our dance world today who is more accomplished, influential, and iconic than Tatiana Mollmann and Jordan Frisbee. And while we may get the chance to attend one of their workshops, see them perform, or even take a private lesson with them, we don’t often get to hang out and chat with them about their experiences and their views. In this episode, we sit down with the 11-time US Open Classic Division Champions to discuss their beginnings in West Coast Swing, their role models and influences, and their reflections on what has made their partnership so successful. They opened up to us about moving forward together after their romantic relationship ended, and what it has been like for them to have romantic relationships while working as dance professionals. We asked them about their daily life and routines, how they train and improve, and how they faced different challenges in their professional and personal lives. Listen to their stories and get to know these legends in a whole new way!

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
Jordan Frisbee & Olivia Dasso – US Open 1995
Parker Dearborn & Tatiana Mollmann – US Open 1996

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