Great Expectations

Disappointment is the sadness or displeasure caused by unfulfilled hopes or expectations, and let’s be honest: we’ve all experienced some disappointment in the dance world. Or frustration. Or demotivation. Or a struggle of some kind. In this episode, we sit down once again with Dr. Divy Ravindranath to discuss how our expectations throughout our dance journeys affect our happiness, our feelings and attitudes about dance, and our behaviors towards others. We begin with a discussion about entitlement – what it is, how it works, and how it plays out in our dance world – before jumping to lots of topics about how we perceive our dance experiences. We chat about competitions, how our perception of good dancing changes as we improve, and the challenges of getting more experienced dancers to ask new people to dance. It’s a broad discussion of a variety of topics with a little something for everyone to enjoy.

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