Judging with Gary Jobst (Part 2)

In the second part of our conversation about judging, we chat with Gary Jobst about his views of the World Swing Dance Council and how it has affected competitions. We also asked him what he thinks of the US Open, the changes they’re making to judging this year, and the general topic of judging swing content. He talked with us about his judge training program and how he plans to refocus it now that he has sole ownership. Gary and Deborah debate some of the practicalities of judging and we discuss the influence of the music on our dance. And then Gary shared some of his tips for competitors from his competitors’ workshop. Listen for some heated discussion, a plethora of ideas, and lots of wisdom and insights.

Gary Jobst

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  1. Thank you ! Like the opportunity to hear the transparency in dicussing important topics regarding our dance & community,

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