The Naked Wine Coast Truth: Live from Boogie by the Bay 2019

We love a good conversation with friends. So for our latest live show at Boogie by the Bay, we teamed up with the hosts of “Wine Coast Swing,” Brandi Guild and Robert Royston, to chat, laugh, and drink wine! In this episode, we talk about Boogie by the Bay and what makes it special. We talk about the challenges of dealing with rejection and defeat. We discuss how Robert, Brandi, and Deborah have stayed relevant for so long. And we invited Dr. Martha Stark to come chat for a bit about her work on neuroplasticity and intentionality. This one is full of personal stories, vulnerability, and lots of camaraderie.

Wine Coast Swing
Those Who Can Do, Can’t Teach by Adam Grant

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  1. Loved this podcast
    One of my favs
    Will have to listen to it again … so much to it
    Want to respond to part to about cheering for all stars louder than champions
    Another dancer and I had this conversation:

    -Could be because we know the all stars.
    We have been around them And growing with them and they shot up to all start level
    – that we see them weekly ,as they usually teach local – we talk with them , dance with them , get to know them , they are our friends
    So …. we scream for them when they make finals !!
    Like Eric at Boogie !!
    Many at Boogie teach In the Bay Area … their students and family and compadres are there … so it’s personal and exciting
    Doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the pros ..
    It’s just different
    I’m sure this is happening across the country

    Another point:
    We don’t know you all at a personal level
    Many of you we did at one point
    When there were only 8 events a year in NASDE
    And many of you had studios and taught every week and private’s and choreography for us who ventured into the routine divisions.
    Now … not so much
    You all travel so much… the demographics have changed
    Things can be done /taught on line
    Only do weekend Events… which you work the entire weekend
    You are raising kids …
    Also :
    I am in awe of you all many times
    Melissa … Brandi … Kyle …. Deborah …. Sarah …
    Parker …. Jordon … Tat…just to man r a few of you
    When you move , the way you transition, the way you are on the same page and pick up in the music interpretation immediately with each other
    Your “ and a”
    The way you followers holddddd backkk just a little
    Body flight
    I literally can’t talk- I don’t scream .. I shake my head , clap and stand … and can’t believe ,just when I thought you are already so amazing and are at the top of your game …. you get better !!!
    Robert and Trendlyn J and J final
    First time I think he had ever competed with her
    What !!!
    That is one of the most exciting dances I have ever watched !!!
    Sooooo many factors … and you made it look so easy
    It seemed … simple
    But there were soooo many intricacies that made that dance a legend , I can’t even begin to list them all
    That dance made we want to take more private’s and work on my dancing
    I have watched it at least 40 times
    And shared it on social media every time it comes around ..
    Cause I want to doTHAT!
    Ex: Mario has just had his intensive in sac one year
    Ken McAllister and Chris Jones and myself and I think Jim Minty watching him at boogie after attending that intensive
    Strictly Swing champion with Samantha Buckwalter
    Our mouths dropped
    He put his entire intensive …in one dance !!!!
    It was unbelievable….
    We all whispered … then
    Watching in silence
    Shook our heads
    And joked that Sam had just had her final exam !
    Then we hope the judges knew what they were looking at….
    They did…
    They placed first
    Did I scream …. I couldn’t
    It was that good …. that mesmerizing
    Your videos are the ones I watch a bazillion times
    Not the all stars
    So …. guess I’m saying
    For me …. screaming for you isn’t the measure of how I see you or your success
    Now that I know what you are experiencing on the other end
    I will make a point to “ scream”
    After I pick my jaw up off the floor

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