Sharlot Bott

With over three decades of experience in West Coast Swing, Sharlot Bott is a fount of knowledge and wisdom. Not only has she successfully competed with some of the best leaders in the history of the dance, but she has shaped the dance in her own right, and she has been an inspiration for so many of our top professionals today. We were privileged enough to chat with this icon of swing about her origins in the dance, the people who influenced her most, and how she developed her timeless style. She talked with us about her partnerships with Lance Shermoen and her late husband Wayne Bott, and how these two great men have influenced our dance. We asked about her opinion of the dance today, the role of WSDC, swing content, and how she approaches judging. She also shared her thoughts on her changing role in our community and what she hopes her legacy will be. Get to know this living legend and learn from her wealth of experience!

Sharlot’s Statement of West Coast Swing

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