Mailbag #2

We love opportunities to engage with our audience, so we figured it was time to answer more of your questions – and reply to the conversations on social media. So we begin this episode with our initial reactions to the latest news from the US Open (announced the morning we recorded) about judging swing content. Then we dive into your questions about how to become a champion, developing different skills, and even wearing orthotics. We also answered questions about enforcing the point system, judging leaders in competitions, and finding a partner for routines and practice. We end by discussing the importance of holistic training for improving your dance, and knowing the essence of the dance to allow it to evolve in response to regional variations. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed getting your questions!

US Open Swing Content Judges Role description
Brandi Guild on defining West Coast Swing
Sharlot Bott on defining West Coast Swing
Update: US Open’s response to feedback on social media

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