LeAnn & Michael Norris (Part 1)

Sure, this is a podcast about West Coast Swing, but our dance has been greatly influenced by our sister swing dances. So we sat down with LeAnn and Michael Norris – several-time Carolina Shag champions, the Event Directors of USA Grand Nationals Dance Championship, and two of the nicest people around – to learn more about another swing dance community and its crossover with our own. In the first of two episodes with LeAnn and Michael, we ask them about Carolina Shag, what it is as a dance, and who the most influential people have been in their dance community. We chatted with them about their own beginnings as (very) young dancers, how they met, and how they became partners – both on the dance floor and off. And they shared their views of the US Open, what it was like to be successful at such a young age, and why they decided to pursue careers outside of dance. Listen to their heartwarming stories and discover a different world of swing dancing!

LeAnn & Michael Norris
Michael Norris & Ginger Pickerel – US Open 1998
Michael Norris & Ginger Pickerel – US Open 1999

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  1. They describe dance partners as he/she and male/female. Not lead/follow. Its interesting how Shag able to stay true to its tradition of what is Shag even in their use of dance terminology…

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