LeAnn & Michael Norris (Part 2)

In the second part of our conversation with champion Shag dancers Leann and Michael Norris, we talk about a variety of topics. We begin with a discussion of Michael’s US Open-winning routine with Kellese Key and how they developed their choreography. They talked with us about taking over Grand Nationals from Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee, the challenges of running the event, and their reflections on honoring the event’s history for its 25th anniversary. We asked them how the Shag community respects their history, what it looks like when Shag evolves, and how West Coast Swing has influenced their dance. And we got a chance to ask them about what they hope Shag will adopt from West Coast Swing, as well as what they hope their own legacy will be. It’s a conversation that’s as sweet, insightful, down-to-earth, and charming as our two guests!

Michael and Leann Norris
USA Grand Nationals Dance Championship
Michael Norris & Kellese Key – GNDC 2007
Michael Norris & Kellese Key – US Open 2007
Michael Norris & Kellese Key – practicing 83
Michael Norris & Kellese Key – GNDC 2009
Michael & LeAnn Norris – GNDC 2019
Robert Cordoba & Deborah SzĂ©kely – GNDC 2019
Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee – US Open 1995

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