Barry Jones

Known for his energy, flair, and big heart, Barry Jones has had a long and successful career in West Coast Swing. In this episode, we chat with this US Open champion about his origins in West Coast Swing, his time competing in Showcase with Judy Ford and Kellese Key, and what he likes to see in a swing routine. He talked with us about the impact of his own routines, competing at the US Open, and why he no longer judges. We asked him about his experience developing local dance communities, his views of WSDC and NASDE, and his opinion of current happenings in the swing dance community. He told us why he’s no longer on the circuit and imparted his own wisdom about competing and the importance of originality in our dance. This is a discussion with one of the greats that’s full of warmth and wisdom.

Barry Jones’s post about judging
Depeche Mode – People are People

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