Alyssa Glanville

It’s always amazing to see young talent skyrocket and flourish in our dance world, and in recent years, Alyssa Glanville has been one of those bright, shining stars. In this episode, we sat down with this charming, dynamic, and down-to-earth champion to talk about her background, her influences, and how she developed herself into a successful champion. She shared her thoughts on teaching and judging the dance, her partnership with John Kirkconnell, and becoming more of a solo professional. We asked her what it’s like to live the traveling professional lifestyle, and what her assessment is of dancing around the world. And we asked her lots of questions about how she uses social media to promote herself, her love of music, and her passion for movement. Take a listen and be inspired by this thoughtful, passionate, and positive champion!

Alyssa Glanville on Instagram
Alyssa’s DJ.Lyssten.Up on Instagram
Alyssa’s Spotify account
Urban Dance Camp on YouTube

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