The Open 2019

We’re back! Sort of. I was planning on relaunching the show in January but how could we not do an episode about the most prestigious event in our dance world? The Open is the most prominent stage for our dance – a showcase of some of our greatest talent and a look at the state of our dance today. So I sat down with a friend of the show, Christopher Dumond, to chat about the Open, what happened there, and what it all means for our dance. We talked about his own experience competing there, the other routines in Classic and Showcase, the judging and results, and yes, we chatted about swing content. We also discussed some of the other aspects of the Open, from the opening ceremonies (“God Bless the USA”?) to the presentations (congrats, Jordan and Tatiana!) to the post-division interviews (oy vey…). So settle in and enjoy this special, super-sized episode about one special, super-sized event.

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