Personal Development with Courtney Adair

The new year is a time for reflection, taking stock, and thinking about what’s ahead. So for this first episode of the year, Eric sat down with Courtney Adair to talk about her own challenges, growth, and self-development. It was a very personal and honest discussion, and she was very open and real. She talked about her first experience with meditation, why it impacted her so greatly, and how in some ways it led her to dance. She discussed her appreciation of yoga, her journey to get certified as a yoga instructor, and how yoga influenced her as a dancer and teacher. Courtney shared some of her personal struggles, how she learned to embrace some aspects of herself, and how she supports others on their personal journeys, particularly women in our community. Full of wisdom and insights, this is a great conversation to get you thinking about your own personal development in the year ahead.

Courtney Adair and Sean McKeever
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield
Choreo Camp
Westie Goddess Retreat

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  1. I really loved this one ..
    To comment on the beginning discussion of post holiday winter blues …
    I think I have winters off and on where I experience the Seasonal Affect Disorder ( SAD)
    When it s darker .. gloomier …. overcast -no sun … foggy for days on end ..
    I bought one of those light for it and love it … I sit in front of it every morning in winter when it is gloomy dark
    I also have found that setting my alarm 30 minutes before SUNRISE ( versus sunset )
    Get to a place with a sunrise view when it is dark before any light starts… that’s the important part ..
    And sit and be there to experience the first light that shows up about 20 min before the sun…then watch the sky as the light show begins … and then the sun finally fully shows itself … it is an amazing energy and attitude and emotional booster …
    I have a song I may sing … or bible verse or reading I do … or just be still ….
    it really sets my day….
    I’m interested in the book she talked about … getting back into yoga and/ or looking for a tai chi class locally …it’s almost like I forgot the benefits of it … more than only physical…
    Her journey is amazing and I look forward to watch her dance this coming year after her breakthroughs !!
    I love her dancing anyways …

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