Kelly Casanova (Part 2)

In the second part of this conversation with Kelly, the conversation first shifts to a discussion of degendering competitions. Eric and Kelly share their own experiences competing in Novice in their non-traditional roles, and their views on the limitations in the current WSDC rules. Eric then asked Kelly about judging swing content at the Open this year, and she shared how she came up with the swing content app and worked to prepare for the Open. She also talked about the dancing at the Open, why she’s hopeful for the future, and how people can and should get involved in providing feedback. Throughout it all, Kelly is thoughtful, kind, and balanced. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, this conversation provides some good perspective and insights.

Kelly Casanova
US Open Swing Content Judges Process & Procedures (PDF)
US Open Swing Content Definitions (PDF)
Perspectives on degendering competitions: Kelly Casanova (blog)
Perspectives on degendering competitions: Editorial (blog)

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