Special Report: Coronavirus

With a new disease, COVID-19, spreading rapidly around the globe, social and physically interactive activities like partner dancing become higher risk for transmission of the illness. More people are being infected, and more are likely to get sick in the months ahead, so it is important that we as dancers do our best to minimize our risk of exposure – and to minimize the risk of transmission to others. To better understand the virus and what we can do to protect ourselves, Eric sat down with Dr. John Blaska, a heath care professional based in Minneapolis. John explained the science of the disease, how it spreads, and how to protect ourselves from it. Since John is also a dancer, he was able to talk about how dancers and event directors can respond to the situation and minimize the risks of exposure and transmission. Then Eric chatted with Brandi Guild, who shared her own concerns about attending a major dance event before going on a family vacation, working as a dance instructor, and potentially exposing those who may be more vulnerable in our community. Her perspective provides some considerations for casual dancers and professionals alike, so we can make better decisions for ourselves and those around us. Hopefully this episode provides some good information and perspectives so we can all protect ourselves and our community from a rapidly spreading illness.

World Health Organization (WHO) Advice for the Public
World Health Organization (WHO) Q&A on Coronavirus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Coronavirus Disease 2019
Dr. John Blaska’s Hygiene Tips for Dancers
CDC Interim Guidance for Large Community Events
Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak Map from Johns Hopkins University
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Coronavirus (YouTube)

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