COVID-19: Emotional Well-Being with Dr. Divy Ravindranath

The current public health crisis has left many of us with a whole mix of emotions, sometimes all in one day. We are experiencing a global shift in our day-to-day lives, our understanding of the world, and our thoughts about the future – not to mention the uncertainty of both what is happening now and what is yet to come. To help us grapple with our thoughts and feelings during this stressful time, Eric invited Dr. Divy Ravindranath back to the show. They talked about Divy’s experience during this time, and how people are responding to the pandemic. Divy described this event as one of many different stresses but also of loss, and he explained how people may be going through the various stages of grief. He mentioned how this is an unprecedented time with a great deal of uncertainty, and he shared some strategies for dealing with the anxiety that comes with that. And they discussed how people can take care of themselves, what society can do to support people who are having a difficult time, and how dancers can manage their relationship with dance during this time. To leave you on a positive note, they end with a reflection of some of the good that is happening now and some optimism for the future.

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  1. This was really good
    I remember Kubler Ross in college , but only applied it to death of a person.
    So interesting to see it applied in our situation.
    It also helped me understand some of the reactions I’m seeing on social media and out in public.
    I have been in the entire cycle.
    I think I’m in the “set up a regular schedule- acceptance phase- “really helpful to hear it is not linear like I learned in college – that we all may bounce around all the stages .
    At one point I had no motivation even though I had set up all this cool stuff to so and learn while we are hindered down.
    For two weeks .. couldn’t do it
    Thank you for talking about this !!
    I’m on the up swing and a schedule is helping
    Reaching out to assist others helps
    Making phone calls yes phone calls and hear a voice helps keep me feels as close to physical as a substitute
    Versus texting only
    Getting outside – right now getting up at 4-430 am to go see the sunrise
    Gets me up and going and celebrating a new day and more motivated and outside in fresh air
    Now I’m doing on line classes –
    Zoom meetings
    friends weekly meetings I can join on FB
    Giving blood
    So far … doing good – doing better than when I started
    Thanks for doing all this Eric
    Miss you !!

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