COVID-19: More Professionals Respond

At a time when dance professionals are unable to do in person what they do best – dance, perform, and teach others – our champions have been forced to think about how to sustain their livelihoods. Eric spoke with two professionals who are using Patreon to share their art and their wisdom and stay connected to our community. First, Eric spoke with Alyssa Glanville, who shared her emotional response to the outbreak as well as her approach to providing her followers with an inside look at her process. She also discussed how she’s spending her time and how she’s pursuing another line of work to survive this pandemic. Then he spoke with Christopher Dumond about how the outbreak has impacted his personal life and his academic life, and how Chris is using Patreon to take an inside look at his own dancing and share his love of sound editing. Both of them are taking creative, thoughtful approaches to their involvement in our dance community, so take a listen and learn more!

Alyssa Marie Glanville
Alyssa’s Patreon
Christopher Dumond
Chris’s Patreon

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