Cher Peadon

Not many people can say they have been a dancer, a competitor, an event director, and a DJ, but Cher Peadon has succeeded at all four. In this episode, we chatted with this experienced professional, mentor to so many DJs, and mom to so many champion dancers (figuratively and literally – Kellese Key is her daughter). We asked about how she got started in West Coast Swing, her advice to aspiring DJs, and why she ended America’s Classic Championships after so many years. She shared her views of the dance today, her thoughts on how NASDE has changed, and her opinions of WSDC and its dominance over our scene. Listen to some real talk with some real heart from a woman with real experience.

Carrie Lucas

From ballet to ballroom, country to swing, Carrie Lucas has an extensive and diverse array of dance experience. In this episode, we sat down with the charming and talented Carrie to discuss her early days in country and with Arthur Murray, her views of the dance, her thoughts on proper technique, and how she approaches judging. And since she’s such a successful Masters-level competitor, we asked her what she thinks about the Masters division, including how older dancers can be more successful in competition, how she feels about splitting it into different levels, and how events – and our community at large – can be more welcoming to older dancers.

Live from Rose City Swing 2019

In our second live show, we sit down with a few guests to share stories, insights, and laughs. We first invited the Event Co-Directors of Rose City Swing, Babak Shakeri and Trudy Thatcher, to tell us about their experience creating, running, and developing the event. Then we were joined by the inimitable Ben Morris to discuss his start in dance, how his background in lindy hop influenced his dancing, and how he thinks about creating a dance. Afterwards, audience members asked questions about leading and following, how to approach a private lesson, and the story of The Super Jews of Swing. As with any late night conversation, things got a little silly, a little off-topic, and a little raucous, but good times were had by all.

Minnie’s Moochers – Love Me or Leave Me
Ben Morris and Carla Heiney – US Open 2006
Parker Dearborn and Tatiana Mollman – US Open 1996
George Carlin – Stuff
George Carlin – Ten Commandments
Red vs Blue
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2005
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2006
The Super Jews of Swing – Lindy and Party 2009
The Super Jews of Swing – Boogie by the Bay 2010

Leading and following

At the heart of our dance is partnership – the interaction, collaboration, and relationship between leader and follower. In this episode, we chat about what leading and following are, how they work together, and what we want (and don’t want) in a partner. We talk about partnership in the context of dancing to the music, building trust, and competing. Plus, we discuss our pet peeves, how the nature of partnership in our dance has changed over the years, and how we each teach people to become better leaders and followers. Take a listen and deepen your own understanding of this thing we call “partnership.”

Rachel makes a trifle – Friends
George and the fire – Seinfeld

Courtney Adair & Sean McKeever

In this episode, we sit down with not one but two champion dancers and all-around awesome people, Courtney Adair and Sean McKeever! We talked with them about their start in West Coast Swing, how they met and formed their partnership, and how they became dance professionals. We chatted about how they built their careers, how they continually develop themselves, and what they think of dancers making a name for themselves in a social media world. They also shared with us the challenges they’ve had to face as dance professionals, and the different seeds they’re sowing to see what’s next for them. Listen and learn from these two kind, thoughtful, passionate, and down-to-earth dancers.

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake – 9 to 5
Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman – Pump It
Michael Kielbasa & Jen Deluca – Music
Arjay Centeno & Melissa Rutz – Sixty Minute Man/Lucille
Courtney Adair & Felix Berghäll – CSC 2017