1. This edition might be better labeled “the bitter truth”. Facebook petting. Calling out judges. (Yes I agree with you. Sometimes the judges seem to reward the incredible fail/recover rather than the cool overall goodness). You have to work for what you want….

  2. This is a great super interesting podcast on WCS events – a view from without and within, with a fair-minded review of all that happens at Boogie and equally importantly, other events. I’m curious to know how this is received by other event promoters… Great open conversation with the event director of one of the stalwart, iconic events of our WCS community-at-large.
    I’m curious now, though, how bad it gets with other events…. I’m aware that some other events often dont run on time or seem disorganized .. but has it been that bad? I guess with the great events I go to regularly – BbB, Capital, GNDC, The Open, are all generally well run nowadays (was not always the case). The smaller events can be good though – I can be forgiving if the FUN quotient is high. In the end, if it was a blast (whether Energy level, Hilarity, shenanigans, Level of Dancing) then I can be more forgiving.. I stopped going to events years ago when the inside of one hotel ballroom started to look the same as another..
    I’ve been around long enough to remember poorly run events decades ago that did not ever run on time; delays that caused people to choose between missing flights or missing finals, unpaid pros or contest winners; judges, DJs and Contest staff taken for granted, and bounced checks. I hope that one whole, events have improved in Professionalism.

    >> Also agree that the WCS event market is over saturated. As soon as there is a recession, some of these will go away, unless they can tap into the local market reliably to make a go of it. PLEASE do not start another event unless there is a real need for it from your local community, or a truly unique reason that makes your event different from others. (Unless you’re in a place I want to go to anyway, like Tahiti).

  3. Brilliant Podcast ,from start to finish , totally agree with all points raised. Fell in love with this dance where every movement & or syncopation highlighted the neuonces of the music and interconnection between partners eg Arjay &Tatiana at Swing Diego 2008 still one one of my favourite lead follow dances to watch. I agree Something needs to happen to redirect the focus of the dance back to dancing together to music and not extremes of performance with scartered elements of luck. I myself as a judge am happy to sign my name to and stand behind what I’ve written in any completion so also believe that judges names should always be there it should be that simple and as someone who has I believe felt and experiences biases in the competitive field hope that in some way judging can evolve with this dance also without loosing any of its soul. Love and admire you Deborah and as this is the first time I’ve stumbled upon this I like you too Eric . Thank you for this all the way from Australia 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I found this discussion fascinating, enlightening and educational. Thank you. I am a subscriber and receive email notifications.

  5. Thank you for your honesty, and I do hope it will open eyes and minds of those in the community who have the ability to lead efforts that will result in change.

  6. Listening to this a 2nd time, since it was so awesome (and OK, I was also working)..

    Listening to Robert Royston talk about watching the pros. dance, I totally remember watching you, Deborah, and Robert Corboda social dancing one night and then in a blink you guys swapped roles.. I was like, what just happened?!?!? I never really thought about switching roles, until that moment, and then suddenly you guys just opened a whole new can of worms for me to explore.

  7. Regarding judges’ names being paired with their placements and marks, I am reminded of what happened at SwingDiego 2014. Long story short — the EDs wanted the scoresheets to be publicly available online with no information omitted. Liza May wrote about this in the blog post (, and also gave some reasons why some people don’t want information being made publicly available.

    As a personal preference, I would like to see full disclosure. However, given that there have been incidents where judges were attacked, I can’t blame anyone for not wanting this type of information disclosed.

  8. I don’t think Step Right Solutions (SRS) provides scoring for a majority of WSDC events, or possibly even a plurality. There are other companies such as danceConvention, World Dance Registry, and EventExpressPro that provide scoring services. Other events hire individuals who provide the scoring services they want.

    Offhand, I compared SRS to danceConvention for a couple of years. In 2017, danceConvention did 28 events, whereas SRS did 20. This year, so far, danceConvention has done 24, and SRS 20. Whether judges names or other information (e.g. people who did not get at least a yes or an alternate mark (or their equivalents)) are included online varies with the event policy.

    1. That’s a good question. It varies of course. A choreography can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand. Plus coaching, costumes, and the cost of going to events and entering the routine division. It isn’t cheap…

  9. So much of what was revealed in your statements is what I have observed over the years. This podcast should be assigned by all instructors to their students for homework and should be followed up with a discussion.

  10. Thanks for the comments about the ballroom lighting at Boogie. I’ve provided lighting for the event for years, with the design evolving from a few parcans on light trees in 2004 to about 50 LED fixtures of various types this year. The goal is to provide a nice room ambiance both fully lit for comps and dimmed for late night. As Eric noted, the LEDs add almost no heat and use very little power compared to traditional stage lighting.

  11. Thank you so much for this episode. I am very grateful for all you said. I have been struggling with the hype of competing in J&J for quite some time and just love the way you look at it. I feel very much included in the WCS community through your words.

  12. I have had the pleasure of dancing to Ruby’s selections the past couple of years. Thank you for offering an opportunity to get to know her better. And now I want to see a photo of her dog.

  13. Great discussion (it’s hard to call these “interviews” with as much back and forth as there is).

    I do not have many regrets from my days competing…but one regret I do have is that I did not try harder to find time and space to work with Brandi one on one. I knew she was amazing in group classes…but hearing her talk about her approach and philosophy for students — if I knew then what I know now. C’est la vie.

  14. I remember the late night jam sessions that Robert discussed. In many ways those jam sessions were more fun to watch than the contests — the spontaneous creativity was SO much fun to just watch.

    I agree that the rise of the “circuit pros” and social media have changed the weekend event from a “working vacation” to a “marketing event” — complete with the pros needing to stay in character, on brand, and focused the whole time. While I miss the fun of the olden days…in many ways this shift has greatly improved the professionalism of the pros at events.

  15. I agree that new divisions need to be created to accommodate non-traditional sex roles. I agree with Deborah that a female male partnership dances differently from female to female and male to male if all were to dance to the same song. The reason that there is no conflict in other sport/art/dance forms is because non-traditional sex roles are just that = non-traditional and are not allowed with traditional. If preservation of an art form is imperative then the traditions need to be observed. That doesn’t mean that another division couldn’t be added to represent a non-traditional format.

    I can’t wait to see a collaboration of the Champions to designate standards. Maybe now that Benji is retired? Brandi / Deborah / and the others who have dominated the Champion division for so long now are the ones to collaborate and set definite, non-negotiable standards for Classic, etc. Even though what we love (and what we hate) about West Coast Swing is the diversity and the fact that there are no set standards, in order to preserve the historical criteria (stretch before redirection, double and triple rhythm, slot) someone who can best teach/perform those things based on awards received should be the ones that set the standards. Not all can make it to the top. So the top has to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the preservation.

    Mario, Mary Ann, Schwimmers, Deborah, Robert, Brandi, Van Drakes, Kellese, Jordan, Tat, blah blah blah. These have dominated the Champion divisions for YEARS. I vote for them to give us the standards … the most common denominators that they ALL can agree on.

    Love you guys, Eric and Deborah. Thank you for everything you do.

  16. As a highly trained K-12 educator, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate discussions in our dance community about what is required to be a good teacher, aka that good teachers must know content (their subject or area of expertise both historically and as it is practiced in the present moment) AND pedagogy and classroom management that is centered on student experience and quality student outcomes (how to effectively convey that knowledge and experience). I respect the talent of so many dancers in our community, I can’t get enough of watching them dance, and I hope to experience a dance with them at some point. However, how well a teacher teaches is MY wheelhouse. I am very picky about who I respect as a teacher or coach. I wish more dance professionals apprenticed with the great dance teachers of our community, I wish they studied classroom management, how to read and respond to someone reaching peak level of frustration and the affective filter. I wish they knew about the zone of proximal development. There was so much meat in your discussion about teaching, I didn’t want it to end. I would love to hear more from dance teachers about how they learned to be good teachers, how they get better, etc.

  17. Chanukah swing event out take was very funny. Maybe some of the existing holiday-themed events could incorporate elements of Chanukah, Kwanza, and other holidays that occur in/near December. Enjoyed listening to Laureen. Beth G.

  18. Loved this one! ( I have loved just about all of them)
    It was so great to be able to learn about Laureen a little more and her journey. Inspired me to keep going . Many times I’ve thought “ I’m done” . Either an injury,… disease process and surgery … ….life happens … discouraged … disappointment ….. aging …
    It really is inspiring to hear this happens at the Champion level and what she did.
    Yeah Laureen!! Thank you 🙏
    I have to say I keep listening even after you sign off the interview , to hear your little giggle sessions.
    You just crack each other up .

  19. Swing content….one of my favorite can of worms to open.

    I will be the first to say that I have a conservative view of what swing content is. When I observe (I am not a judge) a swing contest, I tend to focus on what swing is not. Because I think the most people can agree on some of the things that are NOT-swing.

    First a little background math….

    A slow, short song will be 80bpm for 2 minutes. That is 160 beats of music. 20% of that (for a Classic routine) can have at most 32 beats of NOT swing.

    A fast, long routine will be 140bpm for 3 minutes. That is 420 beats of music. 20% of that (for a Classic routine) can have at most 84 beats (two and a half phrases) of NOT swing.

    Almost all routines will fall in between those two marks…but they are helpful when one is watching a routing.

    What that means is that when I count up NOT swing…and if I get to 32, there may be a problem. If I get to 64 there is likely a problem. If i get to 96 there is absolutely a problem.

    Now, what is NOT-swing content….??? Well….

    “Standing there” is NOT-swing content. I am all for “advanced mans footwork” but if neither partner is changing weight for 4 or 8 or 12 or 16 beats…that is a good indication of NOT-swing content.

    Apart dancing (like in an intro) is LIKELY NOT-swing content. Intros are allowed, but they are often NOT-swing content. And a 32 beat NOT-swing intro means there is probably going to be a problem.

    Recognizable content from a non-swing dance is NOT-swing content. If I can recognize foxtrot, or mambo, or cha-cha, or hip-hop — that is NOT-swing content. Hustle is not a swing dance!

    Lifts are NOT-swing content. This is one of the reasons that Showcase has a lower swing content requirement compared to Classic. The intro, lift, and recovery are NOT-swing content….this REALLY hurts Showcase when the number of lifts are not limited.

    Pantomime is NOT-swing content.

    It all adds up…and rather quickly.

    As long as I am ranting….here is one that will keep the worms from going back into that can….

    General dance-like movement is NOT-swing content. Most people seem inclined to include any general dance-like movement that happens between a “walk-walk” and and “anchor” to be “swing content.” I am not. I think that general dance-like movement that lacks any character of any “swing dance” should be counted as NOT-swing content.

    So, a division that only requires 30% swing content already exists in practice — it is called NASDE Classic.

    1. Hmmm …

      There are patterns such as grapevines that are done in foxtrot and hustle, as well as WCS. Pros who teach and judge at NASDE events teach these patterns. Shouldn’t they be included in swing content?

      There is also the distinction between WCS and other types of swing dances, which may incorporate patterns, stylings, and extensions that could be construed as general dance-like movements.

      Finally, swing dances, generally speaking, are “street dances”. They evolve over time, and aren’t always codified in a syllabus. Thus, it is possible that judges may not agree, or even know, that a particular pattern, styling, or extension has been incorporated into the “canon” of a swing dance.

  20. I really hope every community leader listens to this pod cast. I feel like this was a very fair exploration of both sides of the argument, with some great suggestions about how to handle these situations.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! We hope it’s helpful for community leaders and anyone who wants to make our dance world safer and more comfortable for everyone.

  21. They describe dance partners as he/she and male/female. Not lead/follow. Its interesting how Shag able to stay true to its tradition of what is Shag even in their use of dance terminology…

  22. Swing organizations should be more transparent and open their books and publish their rules of governance.

  23. Thank you ! Like the opportunity to hear the transparency in dicussing important topics regarding our dance & community,

  24. I especially appreciated this discussion seeing as I’m way past the Master gateway and been dancing WCS for over 25 years. The older I get, the harder it is to get asked to dance, even though I’m told I’m fun to dance with. I don’t complain or criticize anyone for all the reasons Erik mentions. But I will admit, it is discouraging at times. So my approach to this is practice more, study harder, take more lessons. If it’s going to take me getting twice as good as others to attract the same level of partner as someone half my age, so be it. That’s what I’ll do. And if the only ones who ask me to dance are Masters, that’s absolutely fine too. There are a lot of really fun Masters out there, but Tom is right, most in the Bay Area don’t work on keeping up, so they are getting fewer and fewer. (Of course I’m a little worried when I hear the Champions like Deborah and MaryAnn are sitting it out. Yipes! Deborah, if I ever see you sitting out, I’ll ask you, if you’ll have me. We’ll show them. 😉

    Big shout out to you Erik and others who are building all-inclusive dance communities. I was only able to attend one of your MCS workshops and dances, and it was quite clear that the young leaders there who asked me to dance were part of an all-inclusive community and they embodied it.

    Thank you again for this. I may be old, but I’m not done yet.

  25. Loved this podcast
    One of my favs
    Will have to listen to it again … so much to it
    Want to respond to part to about cheering for all stars louder than champions
    Another dancer and I had this conversation:

    -Could be because we know the all stars.
    We have been around them And growing with them and they shot up to all start level
    – that we see them weekly ,as they usually teach local – we talk with them , dance with them , get to know them , they are our friends
    So …. we scream for them when they make finals !!
    Like Eric at Boogie !!
    Many at Boogie teach In the Bay Area … their students and family and compadres are there … so it’s personal and exciting
    Doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the pros ..
    It’s just different
    I’m sure this is happening across the country

    Another point:
    We don’t know you all at a personal level
    Many of you we did at one point
    When there were only 8 events a year in NASDE
    And many of you had studios and taught every week and private’s and choreography for us who ventured into the routine divisions.
    Now … not so much
    You all travel so much… the demographics have changed
    Things can be done /taught on line
    Only do weekend Events… which you work the entire weekend
    You are raising kids …
    Also :
    I am in awe of you all many times
    Melissa … Brandi … Kyle …. Deborah …. Sarah …
    Parker …. Jordon … Tat…just to man r a few of you
    When you move , the way you transition, the way you are on the same page and pick up in the music interpretation immediately with each other
    Your “ and a”
    The way you followers holddddd backkk just a little
    Body flight
    I literally can’t talk- I don’t scream .. I shake my head , clap and stand … and can’t believe ,just when I thought you are already so amazing and are at the top of your game …. you get better !!!
    Robert and Trendlyn J and J final
    First time I think he had ever competed with her
    What !!!
    That is one of the most exciting dances I have ever watched !!!
    Sooooo many factors … and you made it look so easy
    It seemed … simple
    But there were soooo many intricacies that made that dance a legend , I can’t even begin to list them all
    That dance made we want to take more private’s and work on my dancing
    I have watched it at least 40 times
    And shared it on social media every time it comes around ..
    Cause I want to doTHAT!
    Ex: Mario has just had his intensive in sac one year
    Ken McAllister and Chris Jones and myself and I think Jim Minty watching him at boogie after attending that intensive
    Strictly Swing champion with Samantha Buckwalter
    Our mouths dropped
    He put his entire intensive …in one dance !!!!
    It was unbelievable….
    We all whispered … then
    Watching in silence
    Shook our heads
    And joked that Sam had just had her final exam !
    Then we hope the judges knew what they were looking at….
    They did…
    They placed first
    Did I scream …. I couldn’t
    It was that good …. that mesmerizing
    Your videos are the ones I watch a bazillion times
    Not the all stars
    So …. guess I’m saying
    For me …. screaming for you isn’t the measure of how I see you or your success
    Now that I know what you are experiencing on the other end
    I will make a point to “ scream”
    After I pick my jaw up off the floor

  26. A lovely couple who are the perfect ambassadors for West Coast Swing. Their Q&A session at Riga Summer Swing in August last year was excellent. Very approachable, down to earth and friendly people.

  27. Thanks so much for drawing attention to this issue. It is definitely a problem, probably even more so for women than men. I say that, not just because men do more of the asking in our age group, they ALSO like to dance with the young girls leaving us out even more.

    You asked for ideas on how to solve the problem. For me, it’s to take control over what I have control over – and that is to get better. Unfortunately, I’ll never be content just dancing with beginning dancers, though I do enjoy them too. So I’m taking private lessons and practicing a lot by myself (finding a practice partner at this age is also impossible). I believe it may take being twice as good as any young girl dancing in my level to get my fair share of dance invitations, but I’m up for the work. So improvement is definitely key, I believe.

    I’m also learning to lead. That way I can ask those women sitting it out dance after dance.

    But here’s what I’d love to see. I just started giving WCS competition a try. I suspect it won’t go anywhere, in large part because of the ageism, not only with judges, but with participants. It’s also really intimidating and discouraging to have to compete against someone 40 years your junior who is faster, stronger, more agile, etc. And many of us dance through chronic pain because of injuries or just normal wear and tear. In that respect, I definitely do feel WCS competition is set up for most of the older crowd to fail, and hate to say it, we may even say it is discriminatory in that respect.

    Masters competition is not a solution. Besides the fact that it is being taken over by former champions now, an advanced dancer may get matched with a beginner which takes a lot of his or her fun away. And without the ability to advance up levels, there isn’t as much motivation to improve.

    So my recommendation would be to organize your competitions like they do in the ballroom world – by age.

    Competition is really, really fun for all ages (just ask my friends who are now senior ballroom world champions (ages 60 and 70), and everyone I’ve talked to thinks competitions provide a very strong motivating force to improve. So maybe if we had more equitable matchups by age, more would get involved, and along with that more improvement and enjoyment amongst those in the older crowd. It’s something to think about anyway.

    Thanks again. Wonderful discussion. I hope my blabber wasn’t too long.

  28. If I may, I’d like to add this for any of the younger crowd who took the time to listen (I applaud them). At Monterey Swingfest there about 6 of my long-time WCS lady friends sitting in the first row. They rarely got asked to dance. It was so sad to see, and I was feeling their pain because it’s one I’m very familiar with. So, young people, when you see those older women – or men – sitting it out, good chance it’s not because they are old and worn out or can’t dance. It’s because they got tired of standing up waiting for someone to ask them to dance, or tired of trying. Please ask them. They’ll let you know if they need a break. It may not be your best dance of the night, but it may be theirs. And that’s worth something, isn’t it?

  29. As much as i’d love to, my 54 year old body is not able to start social dancing at 11pm (if not later) on Friday and Saturday nights. There’s lots of people that are in the same situation as I am but event directors don’t seem to care. If they do, there is not much done about it.

  30. I really loved this one ..
    To comment on the beginning discussion of post holiday winter blues …
    I think I have winters off and on where I experience the Seasonal Affect Disorder ( SAD)
    When it s darker .. gloomier …. overcast -no sun … foggy for days on end ..
    I bought one of those light for it and love it … I sit in front of it every morning in winter when it is gloomy dark
    I also have found that setting my alarm 30 minutes before SUNRISE ( versus sunset )
    Get to a place with a sunrise view when it is dark before any light starts… that’s the important part ..
    And sit and be there to experience the first light that shows up about 20 min before the sun…then watch the sky as the light show begins … and then the sun finally fully shows itself … it is an amazing energy and attitude and emotional booster …
    I have a song I may sing … or bible verse or reading I do … or just be still ….
    it really sets my day….
    I’m interested in the book she talked about … getting back into yoga and/ or looking for a tai chi class locally …it’s almost like I forgot the benefits of it … more than only physical…
    Her journey is amazing and I look forward to watch her dance this coming year after her breakthroughs !!
    I love her dancing anyways …

  31. I think it is a good idea to communicate with partners during a class regarding how a move felt; however, many instructors regard those types of comments as teaching on the floor which is discouraged. And because of that, some dancers don’t appreciate communication of that sort.

  32. Hey Eric and Tom
    Great interview
    By the sounds of both your voices , I can relate .
    Such a roller coaster of thought processes since January.
    For me … uh oh … I saw how fast it spread in China and did not have a good feel about this one .. it wasn’t the same as the others viruses we’ve seen.
    Then when people were cleared to fly from Wuhan back home … first case to USA 30 year old make , healthy , no symptoms, no fever , flew back to Seattle .. got sick tested positive for Covid 19
    Another early case 60 year old woman in Detroit .. same scenario .. fly’s back … shows symptoms within a few days
    Another woman .. same thing … her husband who stayed in USA got sick with it 3 days later
    All this on news and in paper and on CDC website
    … red flag alarms going off for me … this is WELL people without symptoms passing this on !!
    I had just got back from a mission trip to Jamaica .. no cases there … but I was on a cross country plane ride packed with people up and back ..
    I didn’t go dancing … just didn’t feel right .. didn’t go to next gen dance … didn’t feel right
    I was concerned about all of us ,but also what if I was the one who passed it on ??
    I have not gotten sick with this so far.
    Cancelled my trip to Philippines – was going to be gone a month .. concerned I wouldn’t be able to get back home … sure enough .. they are on lockdown including flights.
    I was a little shell shocked at beginning … I had a feeling it was goin to be bad … didn’t have a concept as to HOW bad … stayed in sweats .. leggings .. didn’t shower everyday like usual …the news changed every day sometimes every hour .. made your head spin.
    So I made a list of projects I could work on … make this a positive experience as much as I can ..
    Took Roberts on line intensives four Sunday’s in a row ..
    Took miles and tessas week long classes.
    Have my notes and then selected sheets for drills ..
    This is going to be great !!
    Couldn’t do it .. I was like you Eric … I had the game plan .. I’d stare at my dance shoes .. look at my notes … and my brian went nah .. I think I’ll read.
    This went on for three days !!
    I’m saying to myself “ what is wrong with me ??
    C’mon Kathryn .. you can do this girl .. let’s go …
    same thing .. wouldn’t do it ..
    I went of a walk and had my first AHA moment ..
    My Brain said …I want a break .. so want to do what I know .. and like a movie I saw since January all of February and now into March .. I have been leading new info , processing it , applying it .. and redoing and fine tuning .. all with situations NOT related to covid 19-
    Then two situations popped up in middle of shut down that had to be addressed and were time sensitive .. add Covid .. change change change ..
    My Brain was done … it could handle new info and things that need to be done .. but fun things like bible study homework , dance classes , leading how to use instapot .. my brain went NO .
    So that’s what that was !!
    I thanked my body for letting me know what it wanted .. and for two weeks I only did what I know .. praying , reading , walking , biking , yoga , stretching , watching movies , putzing in the yard ..
    Second AHA moment ..
    I had been repeating over and over
    “ what is wrong with me ??
    It’s just not like me to not be doing something positive
    During Courtney’s yoga class .
    The thought came to me “ there is nothing worn with you .. instead .. what is going on right now?”
    That’s it !
    I had been talking negatively to myself ..
    It was a form of self abuse in a way ..
    The second question is a much nicer and kinder way to talk ..
    and Courtney’s class is called “ self care Sunday “!
    I let her know about this BTW.
    So I changed how I speak to myself
    I and back to being able to do new things
    I miss dancing so much .. I miss all the social aspects
    It’s amazing how much we interact even in little get togethers… you don’t realize how much we connect until it’s gone .. or at least very limited
    I am making more phone calls .. as well as text and FB
    And messaging .. thanks goodness for social media !
    But I like the sound of someone’s voice.
    I am checking on neighbors and elder friends.. working with friend to get her face shields and masks out ..
    Kind of in a wait and see ride it out mental status right now .
    I’ve accepted Christ as my Saviour .. He says He will come live in you and you in Him when you do that ..
    So I am not afraid and never feel lonely ..
    He is with me and has me covered in all things .
    I’m trusting Him in and with all of this .
    He is already get rid of some negative responses in me that I have been working on for years !
    I’m actually a little calmer and more peaceful in general ..
    A friend of mine commented on it last week .
    I believe those that can adapt to this will do the best .
    There is survival of the fittest .. those that are the strongest and healthiest .. but I see people emotionally and mentally not doing well with this .. in denial .. want their rights to go and do what they want .. I see that as I want what I want and I’m not or cannot change so dont ask me to .. In this case it will be about adapting to a long term change … and I don’t think it will go well for them . Already anxiety is increasing from what news and what Tom said
    How will this affect my dancing ?
    I think I will go out in small group to start.
    Maybe my home ?
    Local dance at some point ..
    Will not be going to convention until October ?
    I plan on going back East to see my family this summer like I always do ..
    I want to see them first .. not go to a convention and then go see them the following week .. not sure what will be happening by then and I don’t want to be the one to bring something to them if there is a second wave of this.
    I am willing to delay gratification and be smart about this .. patient …let it play out and do my part .
    I already feeling my attitude towards the dance change ..
    I feel more free .. focusing on Footwork and how my body moves has been amazing .. I feel like I’m going back to basics and how come I love dance .. and it started with me loving to move my body to music .. then I felI love with partner dancing ..
    One of my goals is for my dancing and connection to music and partner be better than when Covoid hit .
    Seems crazy that it would happen with solo drills .. but who knows ?? Maybe that’s what NEEDS to happen ..
    So I am taking and advantage of this time to do that .
    Hugs .. supposedly as humans we need 10 hugs a day ?
    I am a hugger .. and that is the one thing I really miss with all this .. haven’t figured out how to fill that .. so for now it is voice versus touch.. so I call a lot of people !!
    Can’t wait to talk , hug , see you !
    Keep doing what you are doing and totally get how come you weren’t able to actually put it out there for awhile
    Stay safe .. the world .. my world.. needs you !
    Love to you ❤️

  33. I agree with all that you stated about the types of changes we will see, and I definitely expect a slow return to normal dance scenes as there is much fear among us. I also think some will reconsider their career choices and others will discover the need to finance emergency savings.

  34. This was really good
    I remember Kubler Ross in college , but only applied it to death of a person.
    So interesting to see it applied in our situation.
    It also helped me understand some of the reactions I’m seeing on social media and out in public.
    I have been in the entire cycle.
    I think I’m in the “set up a regular schedule- acceptance phase- “really helpful to hear it is not linear like I learned in college – that we all may bounce around all the stages .
    At one point I had no motivation even though I had set up all this cool stuff to so and learn while we are hindered down.
    For two weeks .. couldn’t do it
    Thank you for talking about this !!
    I’m on the up swing and a schedule is helping
    Reaching out to assist others helps
    Making phone calls yes phone calls and hear a voice helps keep me feels as close to physical as a substitute
    Versus texting only
    Getting outside – right now getting up at 4-430 am to go see the sunrise
    Gets me up and going and celebrating a new day and more motivated and outside in fresh air
    Now I’m doing on line classes –
    Zoom meetings
    friends weekly meetings I can join on FB
    Giving blood
    So far … doing good – doing better than when I started
    Thanks for doing all this Eric
    Miss you !!

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